Why Is Business Continuity Critical?

Protect your business by implementing a business continuity strategy that puts the necessary plan and technology in place to reduce downtime in the event a disaster strikes. Are your servers backed up? Is all your data stored on-site? Could your business weather a major equipment failure caused by a hard drive crash, flood, lightning strike, or even theft? Does all that equate to loss of revenue and productivity?

Our team of experts create detailed and appropriate strategy as well as conduct a risk assessment so that your employees can being working as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.


  • Peace of mind
  • Team of experts in backup and disaster recovery
  • Protect your mission-critical data
  • Risk assessment
  • Strategy and implementation to reduce downtime
  • Customized strategy for your specific business

Protect Your Business

Let our team of experts create a business continuity plan specific to your business to minimize your loss in the event of a disaster.

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We Deliver Excellent IT Service

Our value proposition is simple.

We proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue through business continuity.

What Our Clients Say

IT Fellows is the right choice for your organization...no matter the size or need

The biggest benefit of having a Managed Services Contract with IT Fellows is the comfort of knowing that our IT needs are being met 24/7 by a professional staff. Our data is protected and we have a recovery plan. They are better than other IT companies we have worked with because they are vigilant about security patches and updates, and are always available, really....always!!

If you are thinking about using them as your IT firm... there is no question that IT Fellows is the right choice for your organization...no matter the size or need. I've dealt with both in-house and outsourced IT and there is truly no comparison.

Beth Armstrong Executive Director
People's Health Clinic

Since hiring IT Fellows 11 years ago, our network and computer systems are running far more reliably.

With IT Fellows I have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our data is being backed up constantly at an off-site location and that it can be restored quickly. I like that they do the research on products and can advise me on which computers and printers I should purchase to meet my needs. IT Fellows keeps my network and computer systems running and I don’t have to deal with these issues myself, leaving me the time to focus on my core business.

Kevin Barnes CEO / President
Lifestyle Electronics

The knowledge of knowing if I need IT Fellows, they’ll be there for me is a big benefit!

Everything in my business is supported by the internet so when my computer is down, my business is down and out. There have been several times when I have had serious computer issues like bad hard drives or a virus and IT Fellows had me back up and running with minimal down time.

Kyle Arnold CEO / President
Turnbury Mortgage

Consistent and Reliable

Quick to respond to any request for help. Every problem is fixed regardless of how complicated it is. The owner is available via phone, text or email and he always stops by when his in our area, just to check in and make sure everything is running well. Consistency and reliability.

Mitch Bedke CEO / President
Finance Capital

Trust to solve IT issues with changing technology and regulations.

IT Fellows' fast response whenever a problem happened was really appreciated. Over the years, I found it tremendously helpful to have a knowledgeable and experienced person advise me on hardware, software and security as I upgraded our computers and equipment. With the constant changes in technology and regulations, having someone I trust solve IT issues that arose, was a huge stress reliever!

Karen Mellin Practice Manager
Healing Hands Chiropractic

IT Fellows saved us money and improved functionality.

We had an $18,000 Hybrid PBX system with a $788 monthly Telecom bill plus a monthly maintenance/support bill, and support was spotty and unreliable. Upgrades were expensive and functionality was limited. IT Fellows introduced us to a Hosted VoIP system that costs us a flat $370 per month including desk top phones and unlimited long distance. We now have a direct line to a help desk for support, free system changes and handset upgrades every few years. The system is easy to use and configure. If our Internet goes down, our incoming calls can be forwarded to our cellphones.

We gladly recommend IT Fellows as a VoIP and IT Services provider, as they have not only saved us money but have given us a phone system that is easy to use and suits our needs.

Lori Wiarda Mountain West Ranches